Thursday, April 29, 2010

topsy turvy

da straight 3days papers was too heavy 4 me..oll my daily routine ruin up juz by dat thing ok..da most affected was my sleep schedule..i juz can sleep for 1-2hours dat finally result of.....tadaaa...blankness sindrom.. i got bad headache n feels like vomitting..da 1st da paper iz quite ok,full of answers(i really2 had tried my bez)..2nd day not so coz dat sindrom is oredy show itself..duh~3rd day iz da worst..i was like totally lost..seems like sum of da question does not have on da syllibus...LOL...can't wait for da next 2 papers...4 now,i'm juz enjoying facebooking,watching utube n muvies,wee~


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