Sunday, May 9, 2010

diet : ON

almost 1 n a half weex i became a vegetarian gal..straight ok,dun have belok2 one..i mean,xder skip2 tau..i'm not eating salad 4 da whole weex la ofcos but juz not take any chicken,meat or fish..

breakfast : biscuit
lunch : rice+begedil+tempe pedas+telur dadar+kerabu mangga
dinner : milo+gardenia wif telur/peanut butter/tuna/cereal wif milk/ramen(ruski tomyam ofcos)

wut a bowink diet ryte..but who cares!!da important things iz my weight can be between 57kg to 58kg..actually nk aim for 55kg but its too impossible,dun want 2 ruin my hope juz like dat la..

but sadly+unfortunately coz since semester break stat nie,aku xbley ikut dat diet oredy..dugaan kt umah sgt2 ler mncabar..xper2,i'll try my bez 2 maintain it..kate nk nmpak slim time convo nnti,so u must do it zaty wuteva happen..chaiyok2!!gambate!!


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